Week In Review

Stocks were a mixed bag last week with the US market showing the biggest gains from a rising US dollar. International stocks and in particular European markets declined, but remain positive for the month. After dismal declines last fall that stretched into 2009, we are getting close to having all major benchmarks in positive territory for 2009.

In economic news, the OECD (the world Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) released the latest data on their Composite Leading Indicators for all major world economies. Leading economic indicators are various parts of our economy that tend to “lead” the over-all economy. These leading indicators are used by economists to help forecast what direction we are headed in. While not perfect, they can be an early signal of economic recovery. Canada fared very well and as of the end of April it would appear that our economy bottomed back in the spring. It is also worth noting that Canada along with a few other countries does in fact appear to be leading the world out of recession. You can read the whole report here: http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/33/42/42946062.pdf

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