Week In Review

Stock markets enjoyed another week of gains, and are closing in on one of the best month’s on record. Of particular note, US Housing Sales, and Durable Goods Orders both came in with better-than-expected numbers this week hinting that the US economy may be starting to show signs of improvement.
In other news, Ontario released it’s budget on Thursday. Aside from the usual stuff that has been reported such as the sales tax harmonization, economic stimulus etc., there were a few hidden gems. Of note, the Ontario government is going to extend the locked-in account unlocking rules to 50%, there will be increased relief from property taxes for seniors, and they will be extending the Succession Law Reform Act to allow for named beneficiaries on the new Tax-free Savings Accounts. A full summary is available here courtesy of Counsel Wealth Management: http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=F.b36b1a22-04b8-492f-9cc7-26d9c452ff21&hl=en
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