RRSP Season Deadline and Tax Reciepts

For those who would like to top-up their RRSP before the month-end deadline, please note that with the 27th and 28th of the month falling on a weekend, our cut-off to ensure timely processing is going to be noon on the 26th. Please contact your Planner or their administrative team to make the necessary arrangements.

We are also coming up on tax season. Please note that financial institutions have until the last business day of February to send out tax information, so often, clients do not receive T slips etc. until early March. Please make sure that you have received all required tax information before you send things off to your tax preparer. Also, for those of you who have non-registered accounts, capital gains/loss information is summarized on your 2009 year-end statements (not on a T slip), so please make sure you provide your tax preparer with that information as well.

If you are missing anything, or are unsure, please feel free to contact us.

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