Craig & Taylor Associates is committed to providing you with the best analysis and advice. Whether it be a simple projection relative to buy-back options or a severance package, to a complex financial plan encompassing all of your goals and objectives, we have the knowledge and experience to help.  All aspects of risk analysis will be considered in your financial plan analysis including market risk on investments and risks relative to ill health, disability and premature death.

We can provide this analysis on a fee-for-service basis or as part of your Craig & Taylor Associates’ client package.

Craig & Taylor Associates follows the six-step planning process outlined by the Financial Planner’s Standards Council.  Our process includes:

The establishment of the engagement through:

  • the discussion of issues and concepts relative to your unique planning process;
  • the clarification of responsibilities of the client and planner, including an agreement on compensation.

The gathering of information by:

  • the definition of goals, needs and priorities through discussion and questionnaires;
  • the gathering of all pertinent information including, but not limited to, current income, future income, assets and liabilities and expense calculations.

The clarification of your situation through:

  • the analysis of information to assess your current situation and identification of any problem areas and/or opportunities.

The presentation of your financial plan with:

  • the utilization of sophisticated computer analysis.  The financial plan will present broad trends and recommendations, personalized to meet your individual goals.

The implementation of your financial plan by:

  • assisting you with the execution of the recommendations discussed.  We are independent consultants and brokers for products and services.

The annual review of your financial plan:

  • It is recommended that we review the effectiveness of your financial plan on an annual basis.



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