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When we first launched our blog more than 7 years ago, web technology was not what it is today. Social Media websites weren’t interwoven into our daily lives or our digital devices. “Checking In”, “Liking” and “Tweeting” were not terms that we immediately associated to actions on a website and much like Social Media, our company is constantly evolving with technology.

When I came on board at Craig & Taylor Associates over 3 years ago I brought along 15 years of web and digital development knowledge and experience. I have experienced technology’s constant evolution first hand in my previous career, from the front lines of development, having worked with some of the largest companies, Canadian government departments and museums around the world.

We are very excited about some of the leaps forward we are making with technology in our office. As this year progresses we will be sharing more information, more frequently and consistently with our clients. To that end we have decided to streamline our communications platforms and close down our blog site.

You will now be able to get all of our blog content and more, directly from our website at We are also embracing Social Media and looking to connect with our clients and friends through our Facebook Page. If you are on Facebook (along with the 1.06 Billion other people as of March 2013) I would ask that you kindly go to our Craig & Taylor Associates Facebook Page and support us by “Liking” our page and interacting with us there.

We are really looking forward to sharing all of the exciting developments to come in 2013 both in our office and through our social media connections.

Alexander L. Martin
Chief Operating Officer
Craig & Taylor Associates and Insurance Agency Ltd.

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